Company Profile

Haroon Tex International Mills was established as Sole Proprietor (as on 29-01-2008 ). As a result of progressive management policies Haroon Tex International is growing each year by leaps and bonds with total assets approximately more then PKR 500 million at moment. Haroon Tex International is well reputed among industry with respect to its sound financial background

Values of the Company:
M/S Haroon Tex International strongly believe in introducing certain basic values within its organization and towards its valued customers in order to maintain extreme levels of commitment and competence levels within the market. Some of the core values are:
Honesty & Hard Work
Courage & Trust
Respect & Care
Justice & Equality
Loyalty & Sincerity

Objective & AIMS:
To bring high quality and excellence in the field of textile production, export & Services.
To provide cost-effective solutions mainly in the field of textile production & export.
To set new standards & values of efficiency and innovation in the Pakistani textile industry.
To offer unmatched breadth of knowledge and experience in the textile industry.

Vision & Strategy:
Vision of M/s Haroon Tex International is the conduit for the success, and is founded on a team-building approach to our employee and client relationships. This vision encompasses the tradition of quality textile production, with an emphasis on innovation. Integral to the concept of quality is our adherence to the highest ethical and professional standards, a hallmark of textile industry leadership.

M/s Haroon Tex International has established new standards in the field of textile & export. Peerless in its scope and unmatched in its efficiency.

Machinery Home Textile:
Over Lock Machines ... Pegasus.
Double Needle Machines ... Kansai.
Ruffling Machines... Pegasus.
Single Needle Quilting Machines... ABM USA & DELTA CHINA.
Multi Needle Quilting Machines ... KOREA.
Flat Lock Machines ... Pegasus.

Future Plans:
To meet ever growing needs of our customers, we are planning to further expand our production capacities in almost all areas which include:
To establish another weaving unit of 200 Sulzer looms in Year 2014.         
To set up another 100 machines unit for stitching to meet continuous growing demands in year 2014.

Human Resources:
Haroon Tex International is an equal opportunity Employer. Its recruitment and hiring policies are free from all sorts of discrimination like gender, religion and race etc. Besides Haroon Tex International considers Child Labor as a severe social crime and also reserves special quota for special persons. The management of Haroon Tex International believes in the supremacy of social norms and values. Our workers are given respect, integrity, freedom and considered our business partners as well.

Company National Tax Number: 3229636-3
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